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    de 12h à 14h et de 18h30 à 22h

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6 Septembre


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Si vous avez des souhaits particuliers pour un repas d’affaires ou de famille ou simplement avec quelques amis


Notre équipe se fera un plaisir de composer avec vous un Menu différent en accord avec vos souhaits, les saisons ou le marché.


Notre établissement ayant la qualité de « Maître restaurateur »,

Nos plats sont « faits maison » et sont élaborés sur place à partir de produits bruts.


Toute l’équipe de l’Auberge de Maître Pierre vous souhaite un bon appétit.


The story starts in 1903 when grandparents Joseph and Marguerite PIERRE decide to open a lemonade factory and a small café called “Zur Waldlust” on the Hoff heights.


 In the café’s basement, there was a wood-fired oven that allowed Marguerite to bake bread and also the “Flammekueche”, a tart with cream and thinly sliced ham cooked in the fire.


Our original recipe was born!

In 1920, the little bistro becomes “Café Belle Fontaine” and, around 1950, everyone starts calling it “Café Pierre”.


In 1955, their son Paul, an avid animal lover, and his wife Jacqueline take over the bistro that will later become “L’Auberge du Zoo”. The zoo quickly becomes a regional attraction and allows children, parents and grandparents to be amazed before or after enjoying the delicious Flammekueche of grandma Marguerite.



In 1976, Lucienne and Daniel PIERRE are passed the torch.

The former zoo is then transformed into a garden where children can play and run. A terrace, during summer, allows parents to sit back before enjoying their meal.


In 1976, Daniel and Lucienne establish the company Maître Pierre that makes and sells the frozen Flammekueche in the largest distribution centers. Thanks to them, everyone can enjoy the delight of this traditional tart all over France, Europe and North America.


In 1997, the restaurant becomes “L’Auberge de Maître Pierre”. From “simple” to haute cuisine, the Auberge’s specialties enchant all epicurians and good food lovers, for family outings or business meals.


“L’Auberge” still offers the original “Tarte Flambée”, a must-try for all new visitors, but also meats grilled in the wood-fired oven, a delicious ham baked in an old-style crust, as well as the whole menu to discover on our website…